Thursday, January 29th, 2015

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A Look at the Catlin School District

The Educational program of Catlin CUSD #5 is housed on a centralized campus with Pre K-8 having its own attendance center constructed in 1952.  Grades 9-12 are across campus in the original building (1919) with a separate gymnasium housing the Music and Physical Education classes.  The Administration office is centrally located between the elementary and secondary areas.  The District operates a cafeteria located in the high school building and a serving area in the elementary building.  The high school interscholastic program is a cooperatively functioning program with Jamaica Community Unit School District No. 12 (Salt Fork Storm).

In addition to the regular programs, other services are provided which enhance opportunities for students:

  • A full complement of special education programs and services provided by both the District and Vermilion Association for Special Education Cooperative.
  • Vocal Music K-12 and Instrumental Music 5-12.
  • Library services in both buildings.
  • Computer technology available in both attendance centers.
  • Counseling services at the high school, with psychological and social work services available through Vermilion Association for Special Education Cooperative.
  • A variety of vocational and dual-credit programs are available at Danville Area Community College.


Mission Statement

Catlin Schools, in partnership with family and community, will provide a positive, safe environment where students can believe in themselves, respect others and experience the excitement of learning.  It is a school district committed to academic excellence, helping students excel and prepare them for a changing world.